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Technical analysis software for the stock market

A technical analysis software for the stock market that work

Continuous Trade is for everyone interested in doing successful trades, whether starting now or continuing an established way. It will help you control what makes trades succeed or fail, and what can be done to increase the chance of success.

Stock Market Trade is a huge area that changes rapidly. While for an human person it's impossible to remember everything there is to know, and to apply that in the right instant, Continuous Trade aim to help you doing great successful trades and to advise you the most important aspects needed to do it successfully and repeatedly.

Continuous Trade implements the functions to take in account all the market transactions what a stock trader can do. He worked with various portfolios and now connects in real time with the Interactive Brokers TWS™ to bring us every opportunity in making business with market stocks that are changing, and we need some aid to take profit of that opportunities.

Continuous Trade does analytic graphs in real time, the most interesting graph types are already defined, but we can create new types.

Continuous Trade contains an analysis tools assembly, that permit to observe the market and not only operate when we find a point of inflection in the graphs, but also advises us on the tendency of the market and gives us a high percentage of winning operations.

(™) TWS is a trademark of Interactive Brokers

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